Different social skills, not a lack thereof.

Speaking of Autism...

I’d like to preface today’s post by introducing you to an in-real-life friend of mine named Chris. I’ve known Chris for quite a long time; we first met in first grade when we were just six years old. We were alright friends in early elementary school. I remember going to a few of his birthdays and I have an oddly specific memory of being “reading buddies” in second grade. I changed schools in fourth grade and fell out of touch with him for a long time, which was a mistake. About two years ago I was looking to find a friend that lived closer to me, found Chris again via Facebook, and now via the wonders of the internet we’re really good friends again. You can see in the images below what ten years of difference looks like. (I’m the redhead, by the way).

Quincy and Chris 2009 Spring of 2009 in 1st grade…

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