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judge rotenberg center

Trigger warning for sadistic torture and abuse, skin shocks as punishment for doing nothing wrong. This place needs to be shut down. Please contact your Senators and Congress people in Washington. Tell them about this. Tell them that we need to have the Keep Students Safe Act become law.

Non Verbal Autism

I often do this. I often react out of raw emotion before i can think of my words. This got me in trouble with one of my friends just last night, on Facebook. It is frustrating when i know what i mean to say, and it —-and i—–am taken so wrong!!!

Roses are Red for Autism

All people communicate but not everyone talks. Some people talk a little but not conversationally. Some people say words and phrases out loud that don’t match what they really want to say.

Sometimes I use talking words but I am still very much non verbal. Saying words out loud is not always possible or accurate for me. My pronunciation of words isn’t totally clear, and I say words in different order than most people when I say them. I can very much more fully express myself using the letter board, or Proloquo2Go.

Many times I say nonsensical things like, “Larry boy!” or “Go back to green house!” and I repeat it many times for no reason. I hear myself and think, boy, I sound ridiculous; and I wish I could stop but I have no control.

When people ask me things I know exactly what I want to say…

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Therapy Defined: Self-Regulation

Thirty Days of Autism

Definition of self-regulation intervention or therapy: H is given the downtime he needs to delve into his interests and to regroup and relax when he needs it…

(And you wouldn’t call this therapy if the kid were non Autistic, you’d call it relaxing.)


Image Description: H is sitting sideways in a blue upholstered arm-chair with his legs hanging over one arm and his head resting on the other. He is wearing casual clothes and a white fleece Adventure Time Finn the Human hat. He is smiling while playing a DS game and his bare feet are angled in a way that indicates continued at-ease movement. Text reads: “Definition of self-regulation intervention: H is given the downtime he needs to delve into his interests and to regroup and relax when he needs it…”

For me it is important to consider that the experience of being Autistic can pathologized in…

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If It’s Not Accessible, Who Is It For?

Let's Queer Things Up!

Since going viral last October, the invitations to speak at conferences and other events have slowly but surely started trickling in.

At first, it was thrilling. I’ve always wanted to travel and talk about my experiences, because I still believe that face-to-face interaction does something that my words on the screen simply can’t. I wanted people to put a human face to the very important issues that I’ve been talking about.

I wanted people to realize that trans people exist, trans people with bipolar no less, and that I am not only surviving, but thriving in a world that often limits us.

But just as quickly as the invitations came in, they were being revoked. Not because I wasn’t capable of speaking, or that the engagement was cancelled – time after time, the conference and workshop invitations were being withdrawn because I had asked for disability accommodations.

As a…

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