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An Update On Dialysis

I am happy to report that due to my diligence with the ERD Network 18, I am once again back to four hour treatments, am able to finish my treatments now, and they are working on educating the techs and nurses and facility admin on putting us patients first always, and accommodating our disabilities.

This has been a hard road, but things are improving.

I have been able to finish all dialysis treatments since the beginning of May.

I will keep y’all posted.

When You Do Blue Lives Matter, Or All Lives Matter, It Is A Slap In The Face To Black People

Image by Roy Smith Jr. Two flags, one American, and the other is the black and white blue lives matter flag. Text reads: This is the American flag. This is a gang symbol. Section 176 Respect For Flag, The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it, any mark, insignia, word, figure, design, picture or drawing of any nature, including discoloration.

Hello everyone. Plus, it is illegal AF.

Okay. Yeah. I am sharing this because Ima tell you a little story about the flag on the right in this above picture.

Just imagine if you will, that you are Black, you are the surviving family member of a Black person whose life ended needlessly because a sadistic racist police officer decided he was going to shove them into the ground and shove their knee into their neck with the deliberate intent to kill them, just for a routine traffic stop. While his partners watched, and said nothing. #GeorgeFloyd

Or you are the surviving member of the family of #BreonnaTaylor, whose home was broken into by bloodthirsty racist police, in a No Knock warrant, only guess what? They got the wrong house, but because Black people lived there, Breonna Taylor got shot and killed anyway.

Instead of those police officers involved being brought to justice, they get acquitted. Then still allowed to be police officers. Instead of heartfelt condolences, people flew this ugly black and white flag with the blue stripe, and said Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and oh, Colin Kaepernick hates America because he kneeled.

Would you not feel like you have just been slapped cold and hard, and repeatedly, in the face?

Sure, all lives matter, but it is Black people who have been given the absolute lowest of the lowest rung of the ladder by y-t people. For 400-plus fucking years.

This is why this flag represents even more in the way of hate and dismissiveness of Black people’s pain and hurt. This is why we have the #BlackLivesMatter movement now

I hope this really hits you in the core of your heart today.