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I Don’t Prepare My Autistic Children for the Real World Because It Doesn’t Exist.

Not an Autism Mom

Guest Post by Kimberly Collins

The real world won’t coddle your child like that.

You’re doing a disservice to your child. They won’t be ready for the real world if you let them get away with that.

Things don’t work that way in the real world.

These are just a few statements parents of autistic children hear from professionals, teachers, and well-meaning, yet intrusive family members when we parent our children in a compassionate, respectful way.

Apparently there is a defined real world out there that everyone – but us – got the memo on. But what does that mean? Actually, scratch that question. Unless you’ve ever recorded a song while singing and walking down the middle of a bowling alley with a camel next to you, I’m not interested in your interpretation of the Real World. “

If you don’t get that reference,

  1. I hope I at least…

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