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Understanding Autism

Please read. For anyone coming to my blog for the first time, and who wants to understand me and other Autistic people, this is a must-read, from my friend, Alex Forshaw. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

My Autistic Dance


This is based on a presentation I gave to colleagues where I work today titled Understanding Autism. Although not a transcript, the text here is based on my detailed speaker’s notes.

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In this house – and outside too!

Thirty Days of Autism

In this house we do acceptance ❤️
… and we do acceptance outdoors as well!!

I have had numerous requests to create an alternative version of the “In this House” image, so that it works for those who related to and loved the message of acceptance, but are more connected and rejuvenated by being in the woods or wilderness or just generally outside.
Here it is!

Image : Text in a variety of font styles and sizes reads: “In this house we do parallel play – We give each other space – We have time to delve into our own interests – We unashamedly spend a tonne of time outdoors – We stim like it’s nobody’s business (’cause it aint) – We love each other for our authentic selves – Because in this house we do acceptance!!” (Watermarked: Thirty Days of Autism: Leah Kelley)

As always, you are welcome…

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