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Autistic girls grow into Autistic women, we must be careful what we teach them along the way. đź’›

Masking, people pleasing…..i’ve been doing it all of my life because of the message the harsh neurotypical world still gives me that my way of thinking, coping, dealing, etc., is wrong defective and broken.

Just….stop, y’all. Stop misunderstanding us.
Start listening to us and learning about us.


We Autistics were born this way, and we are NOT wrong , defective and broken.

Rosemarie's Blog:The missing voices.

By Evaleen Whelton đź’›

This is a letter I wrote recently but never sent….

Dear Mark

Many thanks for seeing me last Wednesday. You may recall you saw me at 12.45. My appointment time was 10.45 am. I understand things don’t always run to schedule so I always allow extra time for such appointments.

But I guess two hours was too much for me. On meeting you, I mentioned I was waiting for two hours. You explained that you had to deliver bad news to many women that morning and that they deserved your time more than me. They undoubtedly do and I’m glad I wasn’t one of them.
Patients receiving bad news should be given the utmost care, time and attention.

I thought the same when my family were kept waiting almost an hour when we were called in for our last visit with my Mum’s consultant. I thought…

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