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Managing Challenging Behaviors in Neurotypicals

Yes, yes, yes, exactly all of this!!!

Restless Hands

[This is a long overdue repost from my old blog. It is both satire and very serious. It is satire in that it is very closely modeled on actual articles I see frequently online, and it borrows much of the tone and phrasing of those articles. It is serious in that I very much hope it will make the people who write, read, and share those articles think a little more deeply about what it feels like to be one of the people that those articles are about. It is also serious in that it is legitimate and honest advice for autistic people who find the actions of non-autistic people stressful and exhausting– as most of us do at times. We,  as much as anyone else, deserve to have that stress and frustration openly acknowledged. But I also hope that by turning the spotlight back on the majority, I can…

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Gathering at TASH and The Magic People Map

Thirty Days of Autism

Before the TASH Conference, I was working this an idea to create a sort of People Map for H, so that he could be a bit more ready for the peopleing and could begin ahead of time to see faces of people he will meet and match them and connect them to things he knows about them as my online friends.

Amy Sequenzia: Magic Card Amy Sequenzia: Magic Card

I was thinking this would be a way to frame it and support him with the visuals for people and a little bit of familiarity ahead of time about what is important for them… and also it would let me sit back and not be the over-prompting anxious mom from hell (which is very not good for anyone).

Lei Wiley-Mydske: Magic Card Lei Wiley-Mydske: Magic Card

And then I thought more about the people map and decided to explore making Magic the Gathering cards for each of these people…

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Tino’s Italian Subs

Ohhhhh, yes, very much this!! I so wish i could have one of these!! I used to eat at Tino’s all the time when me and my mom and grandma and two or three of my siblings would take our frequent road trips to Santa Barbara. I so wish there was a way to get a couple of these to me today.

Teen Eat (805)

The ‘Super Deluxe’ is here, and the feast begins! Hand made in a small deli and grocery, this sub is original and authentic. Crafted with tomatoes, lettuce, two types of salami, cheese, pepperoncinis, mustard, mayo, and a dousing of oil. The name says it all, and in the store, it has its own display sign off the main menu. This, combined with some kettle chips and an arizona ice tea, makes the best lunch after a long morning of school or surf!

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Corbett O’Toole on Enduring Activism: “Dancing for the Win”

Thirty Days of Autism

I met Corbett O’Toole at TASH in Chicago. We hung out – we talked – she is fabulous – we quickly became friends. Corbett invited me to attend her talk to the University of Illinois at Chicago Disabilities Studies Doctoral Students – which she framed as a fascinating kitchen table talk of the history of disabilities activism in Berkley in the 1970s and the origins of Disabilities Studies and the 504 sit in. Corbett was present and involved during that time and continues her involvement with working for social justice and human rights to this day. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of Disabilities Rights and Social Justice Activism and is an amazing oral historian.

Here are my visual notes from her presentation at UIC:

Corbettvisualnotes.jpgCorbett has been doing this work for a long time… She was present and involved during early 1970s and continues her involvement with working for…

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