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Being Disabled isn’t Eco Friendly: Get Off Our Backs and Put In The Work

Crutches and Spice

I live in France and despite the fact that a Costco opened just outside of the city, I deeply miss bulk shopping. So, when my dad asked me what I wanted him to bring from home, it was simple: paper plates. Can I get them here? Sure. But can I get 700 at once? No. My dad delivered and I am currently working off pack 2 of 2. Will this piss off some granola-eating, unironic-Birkenstock-wearing, nutmeg wholesaler who can’t shut up about his new stainless-steel water bottle? You betcha! But will that same person come over each night to make sure my dishes are done? Hell no.

Every so often I come across posts about innovations that increase waste and are deemed ridiculous even though these very ideas make disabled people’s lives easier. I’m not above it either. I thought it was ridiculous to sell pre-peeled oranges and halved avocados…

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To All Who Bully & Torment Me

To all of the people who think it’s a fun sport to deliberately bully, torment, and terrorize a lonely housebound disabled autistic adult in the only home they currently have to live in…..

….by parking in a parking lot near my house with your loud bass thumping and bumping and vibrating the walls of my living room, just so you can get a delightful kick out of hearing my screams of sheer pain and agony….

…..screams so loud i lose my voice and my throat sometimes bleeds, and it makes my whole head hurt, and me feel sick and weakened—–yet you still won’t stop—and i have to keep screaming till you finally relent and turn the bass off…..

….leave from your place of work at the auto shop, with your loud big beige 4X4 truck, and gun the bloody murder out of it, causing me to scream, because someone has told you i’m a monster who deserves this kind of treatment…..

…do any of you realize that these noises actually cause me pain? Maybe it’s not physical pain but it is a painful anguish, and it vibrates my entire head and digestive system when you make these noises….

…..i wish you would, once and for all, sit down and Google the blogs of #actuallyautistic #neurodivergent adults, and start learning about who we are, and what our disability is, and is not.

I am sure that if any of you who so cruelly like to bully and terrorize me every afternoon, had an autistic son or daughter of your own….

……or, say, you have a sister or brother or mother or father who’s autistic…. and they were being bullied just like i am, and they came to you, sobbing brokenheartedly because they are wondering why people are so cruel to them, then maybe you would finally know the real pain you are causing me in my own home when you set out to use your car stereos and car engines to torment and terrorize me.

Being autistic does not equate me as being bad, wrong, broken, missing, less-than, damaged, and deserving of this kind of torture.

Just hoping to get you to understand…..if someone you loved were getting treated this way, would you not move heaven and earth to help get those bullies to lay off?

Hi, my name is Melissa. And i am a real human being. And i have feelings just like you do.

Please stop making what life i have left on this earth so unbearable.