this is why i talk about this stuff

radical access mapping project

hey all,
please take a few moments to read this, especially (but not only) if you consider yourself an “ally” to disabled folks, or just to me.

The reason i continue to talk about inaccessibility is that inaccessibility is but one (though certainly not the only) direct outcome of ableism. It is a huge, inescapable one.

It is part of the oppression of large swaths of variously disabled folks.

And it negatively impacts me every day. It marks me. It does real damage to my heart, my emotions, my opportunities, my health, my communities, my body, my trust, my will to keep going, my liberation. It damages me in ways that non-disabled folks don’t understand and often don’t want to understand. It causes me at times to wonder what the point is of going on. It hasn’t killed me yet, but it has killed people in my life, and i…

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