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Last Year, Versus This Year

Yes, this is another political rant. Because it’s relevant to my life and the livs of my disabled/Autistic comrades.

Last Year

Barack Obama, our 44th president, paved the way, and opened many doors for us.
*Same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states.
*He signed legislation making it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQIA people.
*He wanted universal healthcare for all.
*He wanted to expand both Social Security and Medicare.
*He lowered interest rates so that more people could afford to buy homes.
*He made the Affordable Care Act the law of the land. No, it’s not perfect, and it is fixable, but it should NOT be taken away again.
*He was working to bring back community policing.
*And childcare for single working mothers.
*He did away with the subminimum inhumane wages that employers were getting away with paying Disabled people and did much to improve the rights of Disabled people, and strengthen the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Now, unfortunately, a *creature* has taken over who threatens all of this and even more devastating actions that will threaten the lives of poor people, Muslims, Disabled people, elderly people, veterans, women, People Of Color, LGBTQIA people, and even the very fabric of our Constitution itself.
Even freedom itself.
I refuse to let that creature win. I will die fighting him.
I will fight for our Democratic party to rise up and become our party again.
Though i am not able to give financially, or march in protests, i can still speak out as long as i have the internet and a computer.
I am a proud progressive liberal who will not rest until i see the above things i listed be the law of the land.
The rich and wealthy should all be made to pay more taxes, because they can afford it—-so that all of us can have decent lives who otherwise would not be able to have decent lives. Poor people. Elderly people. Disabled people. Veterans. Children.
So that our aging and crumbling infrastructure can be repaired and rebuilt.
So that this nation can become a place where all of us can be truly free to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and success.
So that our nation will become truly inclusive of everyone, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, heterosexual, LGBTQIA, People Of Color, Disabled, Elderly, children, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and so on.
I will not stop fighting for these things, because we have come a long way.
And i’m not going to lie; we still have a long way to go.
But we cannot afford to go back to things the way they were before Barack Obama became our 44th and best president, ever.
We cannot afford to go back to the way things were before we had a good social safety net for our most vulnerable citizens.
We cannot allow this creature to wall us in and prevent people from coming to The United States Of America to have a better life.
We also cannot ignore the racism, violence, racial profiling, and murders of Black people that is still continuing to happen.
So we fight.
And we fight as hard as we can. Doing what we can do and are able to do.
We cannot let that authoritarian creature win.

This Year

And one year later, now that the neon orange creature has been here one full year, he has worked to dismantle many of the good things Obama did for us.

*He took us out of the Paris Climate Accord.
*He has managed to piss off every one of our allies, and alienating us from these countries for the first time ever.
*He has dismantled the Iran Agreement.
*He has dangerously escalated tensions between us and North Korea, and now, for the first time since WWII, we face the threat of nuclear annihilation.
*He has repeatedly come to the defense of Neo-Nazi, and white supremacist groups who are hell bent on violence towards those who are Jewish, Muslim, and PoC.
*He enacted a racially motivated travel ban against seven Middle Eastern countries, even though none of them pose any threat to our country.
*He tried, unsuccessfully, to ban transgender people from serving in our military.
*He has dismantled hundreds of Federal protections for LGBTQ people, PoC, Seniors, Disabled people, veterans, food safety, and our environment itself.
*He signed a tax bill that is set to go off a like a bomb within two years or less, and start hurting, gravely hurting, those who are poor children, PoC, veterans, disabled, elderly and middle class people. The rich and wealthy? Will never be affected by this Draconian tax scam bill—in fact, they will prosper even more, off the backs of all the rest of us.
*He is set to dismantle net neutrality
*He is set to dismantle heating assistance for poor people.
*He wanted to do away with Meals On Wheels for seniors, also. I don’t know if he has succeeded in doing that or not.
*He has tried several times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, plus gut Medicaid for over 800 million poor, elderly, and disabled Americans.
*He has cruelly ignored the plight of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the tiny island, instead, he mocked them and mocked and then snubbed the mayor of San Juan. He thought it was “cute” to stand there and throw rolls of paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Rican citizens, and called it helping. HA!ย 
*He has done away with DACA, and now as of March, if no one steps in to save DACA, millions of Dreamers who came here as children, will be forced to go back to countries they don’t know, because they were brought here as infants and toddlers.
*He is set to weaken the Americans With Disabilities Act.
*He has already signed legislation making it harder for nursing home residents and their families to file abuse complaints.

*He is set to turn our entire coastlines into unisghtly oil drilling machines, where instead of clean ocean waters, you will now see rows and rows of oil drilling rigs dotting the horizon. This will further pollute Mother Earth.
*He is set to also turn much of our protected lands, and even National Park lands into oil drilling fields.

One year later, and the damage has already begun.

What I Posted For This Year’s Disability March

The following is a blog post i posted for this year’s Disability March. I hope you will give this a read, and share.

Thanx!! ๐Ÿ™‚


An Open Letter To The US House Of Representatives

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dear US House and Senate both,

Re: Tax Reform Bill

My name is Melissa Fields. I live in Santa Maria CA. This is my story.

I am 57 years old, and #Disabled. I am Autistic and also physically disabled due to debilitating hip, back, and knee pain, plus chronic lymhedema on both of my legs. In addition, I have a large lymphedema lump on the inside of my left thigh that is literally larger than the size of a basketball. It is every bit as firm as a basketball too. This greatly limits my mobility.

I am disabled by many Autistic sensory issues, to certain types of noise, touching certain things/foods, harsh lighting, certain music, and being around people when they are rude and unfriendly. I am also disabled because I can barely walk and badly need more than just my quad cane and walker to get around. I also have issues with executive functioning.

I have never been able to work at a job my entire life because my above disabilities have prevented me from being able to secure and keep a job.

I have lived on SSI, then Social Security Survivor’s benefits my entire adult life. In addition, I also depend on both Medicare and Medicaid for my healthcare, and in home caregiver that comes to help me six days a week.

In addition, the Olmstead Law has allowed me to be able to enjoy living in my own small cottage. My Section 8 Public Housing Assistance helps me so I can actually afford to pay my rent each month. A CARE discount that I get each month also allows me to be able to afford to pay my monthly utilities. I am proud that I have been able to live on my own without much undue hardship for the past 30 years of my life. Before my lymphedema got bad, I even drove and had a car from 1990 till 2012.

I am writing this on behalf of myself and all of my friends in the Disability Community who, like me, either cannot work, or who are going to school or through Vocational Rehabilitation, in an effort to gain employment.

I am writing on behalf of my Disabled friends who already are working, but still need help with healthcare, necessary medications, mobility equipment and personal care so they can keep their jobs.

I am writing this on behalf of all veterans who have fought for this country who need services.

I am writing on behalf of senior citizens who depend on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Housing, and other vital programs that help with their quality of life. And yes, I fall into this category now.

Please don’t let this tax bill become law the way it is written. If it does, you will be forcing all of us who are poor, Disabled, elderly, etc. into grave undue hardship, homelessness, and death. Many will have to drop out of school, and stop working, and those of us who cannot work, who depend on our social safety net for our very survival, will be plunged into utter devastation and despair. Many of us, like myself, have no family to help us if this should happen.

If i don’t have personal in home care, I will cease to live.

Please. I urge you to think of the millions of real human beings this tax bill will be hurting. Please don’t cut Medicare and Medicaid. or Housing. Or tax those of us who can least afford it.

I am all for tax reform—but only the kind of tax reform that is truly just and fair for ALL of us.Me on September 27, 2014-2

A New Appeal-June 2017

Myself in our yard-summer 1975

My current situation is a Catch 22 wherever i turn. Not enough money. Not enough money. Never enough money. So, i am stuck here, in a place i hate, a place that is a prison, and a torture chamber, and an endless daily nightmare i wake up to every single day.
I am a 57 year old Autistic adult, who is no longer in good physical health. I now suffer from very limited mobility, and it now very hard for me to walk, get in and out of cars, i can no longer drive, and can no longer take care of myself, so i have a caregiver, which is pad for by Medicaid. I am now housebound, and only get out because i have a caregiver who drives a car that i can get in and out of okay. I have never been able to work either, so i have spent my entire adult life since high school, surviving on very meager government benefits to get by all of this time.
I need my Medicaid, mainly for the in home care i rely upon just to be able to keep all of my basic needs met. Without Medicaid, i would go hungry, and be without a way to keep myself clean, and my house clean, and i would be without heat, hot water, and electricity too. I would be all alone, lonely, and stranded. I would be forced to go live out the rest of my life in a nursing home, because i have no family support.
My mom helps me by paying for my TV service, internet and phone, plus vitamins—-but when my mom passes away, then i am completely on my own, and will lose those things—-things that keep me connected to the outside world. Things that keep me a little bit healthy. Things that allow me to maintain friendships within the Autistic/Disability community on Facebook and Twitter.
I have no family support from anyone else in my large family, besides my mom and one other sister who lives way out in the boonies of hot dry Arizona. I wonโ€™t move to Arizona, because the heat will kill me, literally, because of my physical health condition.
Here are some things that the sister who lives with my mom has actually been telling me, posting these, because this illustrates the lack of support i have family-wise, plus their cruelty towards me—-also why i am not free to just go to Idaho and move in with my mom—-this sister lives with my mom—-Trigger warning for ableism—-
โ€œGemโ€ one—-My sister—–“I understand and respect your autism. But, and not being mean, and maybe cuz I’m feeling my age now, I hope that when you say you’re getting on a bus and leaving that state that it isn’t here that you’re coming. Not that I don’t care, cuz I do. I would probably have a stroke now though–my health is now as brittle as a fall leaf on a limb and the first strong wind (your meltdowns) will blow me to smitherings (lol) (not really funny though cuz it’s unfortunately the truth). (I couldn’t handle your music either ๐Ÿ˜‰ (really). I agree, though, you do need to be moved, to a quiet place/street, and Mom needs to sell (those houses)………..just don’t know where though. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :)”
Then this long โ€œgemโ€ she wrote me, and sent me links to agencies that she knew i had tried time and again, that she and i both knew would not help me this time either….Trigger warning for ableistic bad mental health slurs, and for calling Autism a mental disorder…… :
My sister again—-
โ€œ I’m not fed up with you, I’m just 61 going on 70 real fast and feeling it healthwise. But the night time calls aren’t really that good for Mom’s health-sleep-need either. So I spent some time yesterday afternoon and this a.m. researching places where you might find someone to call dispatch for you during the night and the following three were the best I found, but I’ll keep looking if you want–just let me know:
California Nami for one has all kinds of advocates
The next idea is so “HOT/COOL” and the Santa Maria Police Dept. is really supportive of the Neighborhood Watch Programs and I’ll bet they’d love having one on (your street).–can’t you just picture the Neighborhood Watch signs on your street? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love it!!!!! I really love this idea!!! Your new neighbor, E, might really appreciate having this program on the street too ๐Ÿ™‚
Neighborhood Watch
Now don’t get upset by the next idea, as I’m not referring to you as a psycho but they offer a 24-hour crisis phone number and isn’t your Social Security disability based on your autism which was categorized as a kind of mental handicap? Anyway check out the following too:โ€
(She sent me a link for a local Telecare mental health daycare program that i used to try to get help from when i still wasnโ€™t sure where i fit diagnosis wise)
Gem #3 that she wrote:
My sister—–
โ€œ The only reason our phone is on during the night is in case someone in our family, including you, has to go to the hospital.
Please find someone else to call dispatch for you, like one of your Facebook friends.
Otherwise, we’ll have no other choice but to turn off our phone at night, or I’ll be the one going to the hospital ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ€œ
Then this, also from that sister——this too is full of ableism, so yes, trigger warnings—–
โ€œI thought we pulled **** St. off the market so you and Mom could re-think your options because things were happening too fast and you guys weren’t prepared? Renting *** is dumb because right now it’s “show-for-sell-perfect” and Mom definitely won’t have the money to fix it up again if the renter’s wreck it.
Also, we need to consider Mom’s “huge” credit card debt. If Mom dies, her creditors are going to immediately look into what she owns that they can attach their claws/liens to. This year we took care of this home, but your residence is still something her creditors can possibly attach and force a sale on.
You guys really need to sell *** St. and you need to move into something that’s secure “for you,” that is either your’s or where the money off the sale of *** St. has been set up for you so you’ll be okay for several years. The money won’t cause you to lose your Social Security or Medicare. You can win the lottery and still keep your Social Security and Medicare. Duh ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ll only lose your MediCal. Big whoop! No big deal.”
(Ummm—-no big deal???? Iโ€™ll lose my in home care if i donโ€™t have my Medicaid, FFS!!)
She went onto say—โ€Another idea: In 11 months, on your next birthday, you’ll be eligible to live, “in your own home,” in one of the wonderful 55+ communities (and many are not that expensive).
Mom & I have even been considering such communities. In those communities you won’t have to worry about children, wild teenagers, dumb hot-rodding 20 to 40 year olds, or wild noisy neighbors or parties. Those communities are regulated by associations to keep things “nice” and peaceful. The sale off of *** St. could buy you a place in one of those communities plus leave lots of money left over.โ€
Then she proceeded to send me a link to a mobile home park that is located in a VERY unsafe section of Santa Maria.
This house itself that i live in and the cottage next to it—my mom owns both places—-is a money pit that still:
*needs full re-plumbs,
*my bathroom needs to have the floor ripped up, and a whole new sub-floor put in, then new tile, and a new toilet,
*I am sure much of the electrical wiring is not up to code
*I badly need a shower that is truly accessible—my current tub shower is not, even though i do have a transfer bench—it is still hard for me to get in and out of my shower *It is on a raised foundation, so there are three steps to both my front and back entrance that are now hard for me to navigate
*Both houses also badly need to be painted both inside and out—– —–so, if my mom were to sell this duplex as-is, she will not be able to get alot of money from the sale, because it is a fixer upper.
I have no views here, just a small patch of lawn, small patch of blue sky, then asphalt, concrete, and then rows of ugly tin buildings to look at. I rarely get to hear any birds singing. I see no pretty flowers either.
I need a way to get out of here to a place where i know i will be happy and where i will have more local friends, and supports than i have here. I won’t be able to do this unless i can at least get a way to get these houses fixed up and repaired, so that my mother can sell them for a good enough price.
Being an Autistic middle aged adult, i am in hell on all levels because of where i live.
I badly need to get away from here because of the constant sensory hell i am in due to the daily constant, all day long up and down, down and up loud traffic—-people hot rod and race through here constantly, which IS screamingly and roaringly loud, and top of that, they like to amp up their car stereos to where the bass is atrociously thunderous.
I have no real way to truly buffer this noise—–and it has worn me down physically. In addition, i have had a long string of bullies in both the businesses and residents, who have seen my meltdowns, and instead of having compassion, they add to it, by doing just what they know will trigger me, so they can hear my screams and cries of sheer agony.
I would be grateful and content to live here if it was not for the loud noise, the bullies who are still here, and the fact that these places need so much fixing up.
I don’t know where or how to fix this never-ending pit of hell that i seem trapped in. I wish someone would read this who would have the means to help me to finally be able to not just get away from here, but to finally be able to have a dream i have had since i was a child, of living in the New England area—preferably near some of my Facebook friends.