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In Case I Get Put In Facebook Jail, Please Help Me

The following link is my Go Fund Me appeal page. I am asking all who follow this blog to please retweet and post my appeal for me at least once a day, as Facebook is now getting upset with my posting my appeal page on there so often.

I am only trying my best to get the help i need so that i, an Autistic middle-aged adult, who is also physically disabled, housebound and alone, with no in real life local friends except for my caregiver, can move to a place where i can have the much needed peace i need, and i can, once and for all, finally get away from the bullies and awful loud verbal harassment, speeding, hot rodding, and racing, plus loud thunder bass noises that i have to contend with on a daily basis here where i live.

My life the way it is, is killing me inch by inch. Both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Most days, i am reduced to a screaming mess, and these meltdowns are making me actually sick. And now on top of this, Facebook is now giving me problems when i post my appeal and tag my friends so they can repost this.

I don’t know how i will be able to go on if Facebook should block and suspend my account. I really badly need my friends to get together and help me, please.

I do need to get out of this place as soon as possible. I no longer feel safe living here, especially now that the police seem to be ignoring me.

The link to my Go Fund Me is below. Thank you, everyone.