My Ode To 4th Of July

I used to love 4th of July

Until I learned

We live on land that is not ours

I used to love the 4th of July

Until I learned

That this country was built by the blood sweat and tears

of Black People forced to leave their home country on boats

to come here to become slaves.

Black People beaten, raped, and forced into

a life of literal misery and hell

I used to love 4th of July

Until I learned how Indigenous People were raped,

fires set to their villages, and millions were

murdered, slaughtered,

and those who weren’t, were forced to give up their spirituality,

languages, and customs.

I’ve learned so much in these past 13 years

And now the rights that have been granted

to women, trans, queer and non-binary folks with uteruses

Have been taken back away again

And more of our rights are on the chopping block

How can I celebrate a day

when in Florida now it is Don’t Say Gay

and banned abortions

when Black, Brown and Indigenous People are still being

mercilessly slaughtered by racist power hungry cops?

A country that puts the love of guns over human lives?

A country that rewards the rich and wealthy and corrupt

But crushes the rest of us, including Disabled and Elderly People?

A country that allowed evil Trump to sit in the Oval Office?

A country that has not learned to confront its many sins and atone

for those sins?

A country that has allowed a great new divide to happen between

Red and Blue and literal cruel authoritarian Trumpism?

I used to love 4th of July

Until I learned the ugly truth.

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