Behavior Plan For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children

A vitally important read from 30 Days Of Autism By Leah Kelley, for those who want to understand and be a true ally and friend to autistic people. This goes for both autistic children and adults alike.

Do not exploit us and share videos and blogs about our most vulnerable moments, when we are having meltdowns, when we are in any kind of distress. You would not want your most vulnerable times to be broadcast to the world.

It is about seeing our neurology, and our humanity, full-stop.

Thirty Days of Autism

Behavior Plan For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children:
  by Lei Wiley-Mydske

Your feelings about autism are constructed by living in a world that fears and stigmatizes disabled lives.  Your distress about an autism diagnosis are most certainly because of these unhealthy messages.  Please remember that your behavior in regards to your child’s diagnosis is a choice.  Signing this behavior plan means that you will always put the dignity, autonomy, and love for your child above buying into the dominant narrative of tragedy or the belief that autism is something that the Autistic person is doing to you.

  • I promise to never use my child’s most vulnerable moments for sympathy or to “raise awareness”.   I recognize that I am my child’s safety net against an often hostile world.  When I feel like sharing, I will ask myself if this is something that I would want others to share about…

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