Why meltdowns are not poor behaviour and some therapies are not therapeutic

For those who still don’t get it…meltdowns are not bad behavior…they happen because we have reached overload.

If you care about me, or anyone in your life who is autistic, this is a must-read.

Yenn Purkis Autism Page

Content warning: Damaging / traumatic ‘therapies’

One thing I come across sadly quite frequently is the idea some people have that an autistic meltdown is poor behaviour or them trying to get attention or be difficult or a range of other negative things. I can attest that this is actually not the case and is harmful to autistic people and to the understanding people have of autism. An autistic meltdown is not the result of intentional poor behaviour. In fact most autistic people do not want to have one and feel bad and self-conscious if one occurs.

So what is an autistic meltdown? Basically is it what happens when a person is overloaded. Usually the overload comes form things like too much – or unpleasant – social input, sensory overload or emotional overload (such as can be caused when someone has hyper-empathy and is around another person who is distressed…

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