Ten Phrases Used to Invalidate Autistic People

In the Loop About Neurodiversity

These sayings and others are constantly used to invalidate autistic people.

One of the most frustrating things for autistic people is to feel invalidated and feel that their experiences don’t matter. To invalidate an autistic person is to invalidate their identity, and it really hurts them. Some of these phrases are not all used with malicious intent and can unintentionally invalidate autistic people, but they are just as invalidating as those used intentionally. It is important to know what these sayings are in the first place, as some of these are commonly used and many people do not realize when they are saying something that is invalidating autistic people. So, here are ten phrases used to invalidate autistic people.

  • “Everyone’s a little bit autistic!”/”We are all on the spectrum somewhere!”

It is true that everyone is different in some way, but this does not mean that everyone is a “little…

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