ABA Trauma Interview

Autistic Inclusive Meets

AIM were recently contacted on our Facebook page by an autistic man named Jonathan Michael Walton. Jonathan, 30, from Bradford, UK was subjected to ABA and has now been referred by his GP for psychotherapy due to the PTSD it caused him.

He kindly agreed to be interviewed by Emma Dalmayne, and we are thankful to him for giving us this chance to show the damage compliance-based therapies do in the long term.

Emma Dalmayne: How old were you started ABA and when you finished it?

Jonathan Michael Walton: I was 8 when I started and 15 when I finished.

ED: How was it practised? For example, clickers, motivators, planned ignoring, rewards and punishments?

JMW: Using points and reward charts on my behaviour and planned punishments for trivial matters.

ED: What was it your parents were trying to make you do or achieve?


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