What if?

To all of those reading and following my blog, and who want to understand my entire way of being as an autistic adult, and my autism, i am requesting that you read this following blog.

This is how i actually grew up in my own home, my own family. I did not get the professionally abusive ABA therapy that most autistic children are sadly subjected to that is 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day, i got the 24/7 family special ABA.

Folks, if you have a sibling, aunt, uncle, child, parent, friend, etc., who is autistic, or you work with an autistic person, i am requesting that you read this blog.

We autistic people are human beings. We are wired differently than you, and we cannot change that or who we are.

You do not realize how deeply it hurts to be told over and over and over again that we autistics are wrong, broken, and need to change or else you won’t love and accept us.

To be treated like this is a behavior, and not a real meltdown. That when you trigger our very real sensory triggers, you are causing us to have that meltdown.

We are not broken. We don’t need to be fixed, cured, and erased. Listen, have patience with us, and learn about us by really hearing us and showing UP for us, and having our backs.

Thank you!

(Blog follows)


What if you were told that the way you experience the world is wrong? What if you were told your body lies? What if everything you felt and experienced was challenged, tested, doubted, disbelieved?

What if they told you the way you move is wrong? What if your body language and movement was monitored, policed, and controlled whenever you were around people? What if other people saw you slip up and laughed and made fun of you for it? What if they told you that you were a freak and freaks should die? What if they urged you to kill yourself? What if they hurt you? What if authority figures insisted this treatment was your fault and if you tried harder at moving right it wouldn’t happen?

What if they told you the way you talk and think and write is wrong? What if they dictated and micromanaged to you…

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