Being Disabled isn’t Eco Friendly: Get Off Our Backs and Put In The Work

Crutches and Spice

I live in France and despite the fact that a Costco opened just outside of the city, I deeply miss bulk shopping. So, when my dad asked me what I wanted him to bring from home, it was simple: paper plates. Can I get them here? Sure. But can I get 700 at once? No. My dad delivered and I am currently working off pack 2 of 2. Will this piss off some granola-eating, unironic-Birkenstock-wearing, nutmeg wholesaler who can’t shut up about his new stainless-steel water bottle? You betcha! But will that same person come over each night to make sure my dishes are done? Hell no.

Every so often I come across posts about innovations that increase waste and are deemed ridiculous even though these very ideas make disabled people’s lives easier. I’m not above it either. I thought it was ridiculous to sell pre-peeled oranges and halved avocados…

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