“Time to Listen”: Autism and the simplicity of relationships

Thirty Days of Autism

It is the end of my day… I am home from work. It was a good day.

I taught a little girl, who is struggling in so many areas, to tie her shoes… and it gave me goosebumps. I can actually teach anyone who can do the first step and cross the laces and loop it under and tighten it… to tie their shoes. No. Seriously. Anyone! And someday I will do a post about that… which I am stating here as my commitment to do so!

Anyway, today I got home, riding my shoe-tying high, and when I looked at Craig the Amazing I could sense that he might be on the edge of frazzled. He is working so hard as the home facilitator for H’s distance education schooling. He is doing a fabulous job… but it is hard work… some days are really hard work.


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