Tell Me I’m Exaggerating (CW: Inhuman hatred towards autistics, eugenics, swearing)

TW: The Holocaust, Eugenics, Hate Speech Against Autistics, Nazis, Trump

Reblogging this because i am Autistic, and i too have been gravely worried about just these very things, plus the possible loss of my Social Security, healthcare, in home support services,and my housing assistance now that Trump and the republicans are going to be in control.
Reblogging this because we need to mobilize and fight. Because we can tell the electoral college to vote him out when they make their vote on December 19th. it is clear who really won this election, via popular vote, and it was Hillary Clinton, not Trump.
Our lives, our very lives are at stake.
This blog needs to be read and shared widely!!

The Outcast Post

night My feelings after dealing with this conversation

(Yes, I did mention eugenics and hatred of autistics…if you’re autistic you may not want to continue…everyone else, keep going)

nazi2 This is eugenics. This is literally saying that scientific progress will lead to my kind no longer existing. In Nazi Germany and in the US first, disabled people were sterilized to prevent us from spreading our genes, and during the holocaust autistic kids were slaughtered…this vile woman wants that again.

I’m done.

So fucking done.

I have avoided calling the Alt Right and the people doing the hate crimes countrywide that I mentioned in Wait and see? Really? what they are in situations where I wanted to have some remnant of that acceptable activist shtick that I put on to be heard, been articulate so you don’t have to listen.

It’s the tone I had in We are not, the article I…

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