What Is Autism?, in Plain Language

Autistic Academic

My seven-year-old niece recently had bestowed upon her a piece of paper that confirms what I’ve been saying for a year now: THIS KID IS ME.

By which I mean she’s one of us.

To welcome her into her newly-recognized autistic family, I enlisted the community’s help.  We put together a book of welcoming messages, artwork, and short informational articles she could use to learn more about what it means to be, not only autistic, but capital-A Autistic.

This is the first of the three short essays I included.

 What is Autism?
Autism is one of the many different variations of human brain. Because our brains are wired differently than most people’s brains, we think, say, and act in ways that are often different from most people – and the way most people think, say, and act can seem very weird to us sometimes!

Doctors diagnose autism by looking at…

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