Please Let Me Have This Speed Trailer Back

I really do regret having to move here in May of 1991. I was doing so well before i moved here. Living here has been my undoing….on all levels.

Today, i am an emotional and mental mess ever since the police came and took the Wanco speed radar trailer away that was calming my street down, and that brought me great comfort, because it became a friend who, to me, was very real.I know how it feels to get so attached to something and then have an NT who does not understand why that thing meant so much to you, coldly yank it away because they seem to have no heart and feels for Autistic people who live where they are and have been bullied so much that they don’t feel safe or welcome in their own home.

I would hope that if i was a police officer, that i would be sensitive to the needs of those who seek my help. I could never take someone’s teddy bear away that they counted on for comfort and security.That speed monitor was my teddy bear, a teddy bear that i needed—and still need at this season of my life.

When they moved it to my side of the street, i began to get out of my house to go sit in a folding chair on my lawn so that i could watch it, and that actually made my swollen and disfigured lymphedemic legs feel better, and made it easier for me to walk.

I so wish with all of my heart that they would let me have the Wanco speed trailer back….and then during that time, that i will win the lottery so i can finally move to a place where i will feel safe and secure and welcome in my own home.020

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