A Short Blog Of Thanks

I did alot of sleeping and relaxing tonight. Watched yesterday’s General Hospital, and YouTube. And now i am going to bed for another day, until this afternoon, as i usually do.

I am trying to keep the faith, trying not to give into the depression and despair that is always there threatening to consume me,
holding out a strong and fervent hope that i will get the Wanco speed radar trailer back on my street,
and then that i will win the lottery so i can finally escape and move from here.
I then want to pursue getting my leg surgery. And getting back to where i used to be before i had to move to this awful neighborhood in May of 1991.
This neighborhood has been my undoing, but i know with the help i am seeking, i can get my life back.
The things i AM thankful for?
I am thankful for my mom and nice sister in AZ.
I am thankful for finally being diagnosed as Autistic.
I am thankful for the police officers who have been, and are, nice to me, who have compassion, who get me and my circumstances.
I am thankful for meeting so many awesome friends here on Facebook.
I am thankful for Connie.
I am thankful i am still here, surviving.

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