I Don’t Get To Have The Speed Monitor Back Now

I am calling for any of my friends who would be willing to make a phone call to the police dept on my behalf, please,
who know my whole situation with this street,
my need for the speed trailer both because it calmed the traffic considerably,
and to make them understand how this particular speed trailer, of which i have posted almost 100 pictures of already, actually became a FRIEND to me…..to please plead my case to them.
I have been desperately unhappy since it’s been gone off of my street.
Today i learned it is not coming back on my street at least until after June.
I don’t feel i can wait that long.
In addition, they want to RAISE the current 25 MPH speed limit to 30!!! That will only make things even worse for me, because then people will REALLY scream through here!!!
I have no choice but to live here until such time as i have the money to be able to move to a place that i KNOW will be sensory-friendly.
I have been having more meltdowns again, and since learning i am not getting this speed trailer back, i am feeling like my health is leaving my body, that i am dying now.
I am not in good health anymore as it is, and this speed sign being here made me a lot more happy, not just calmer, happier!!
That speed monitor kept me calm….kept me from having the unhealthy meltdowns.
Can someone please help me get this speed monitor back in front of my house more frequently? Please?

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