I Don’t Need Chelation, I need Acceptance & Friends

Yesterday someone commented on my last blog, telling me they saw my videos, and that what i need is chelation therapy and hyperbaric chambers to **cure** my Autism.

I Don’t. Think. So.!!!

I’ll tell you what i need.

I don’t need to be ignored and forgotten about. That hurts me and scares me that i will be left to fend for myself.

I need and want acceptance. I badly long to have friends. Local in real life friends who won’t be afraid and walk off from me, who will stick by me and accept all of my quirks and sensory issues. Because i am not wrong. I am not in need of any cures or fixes.

I need friends who will invite me to their house, even when i am totally being Seattle Grunge-appearing, who will all still make me feel welcome even so, and we have a nice supper of homemade spaghetti with a zesty tomatoe-y meat sauce seasoned with Italian seasonings, and with Italian sausage…..hot from the oven hot buttered garlic French bread, a salad with romaine and green leafy lettuce, shredded carrots, Roma tomatoes, pickled beets, sweet cucumbers, and buttermilk Ranch dressing. And then a nice homemade lemon cake with lemon frosting for dessert.

I long to have local friends who will drive me up to the ocean and let me sit and hear and watch and smell the ocean as the sun sets.

I long to be able to go to the movies. To fun Farmer’s Markets. To Cambria, Montana  de Oro, or to just go to the mall or park. To ride on the freeway again.

I am lonely. Most of my family do not call or write to me at all. I just have my mom and two of my sisters, who are nice to me. But they all moved out of state at a time of my life when i was doing better than i am doing now.

I do have physical disabilities that do need attention. I need to have a large leg tumor that is the size of a basketball surgically removed so i can walk. I need mobility equipment, and ramps, and for my shower to be made Disabled accessible, because of my legs.

And again, i need friends. I need to know i am not all alone, and that i will never be left all alone to fend for myself.

But i DO NOT need to have anything done to my Autism, because my Autism is fine, just the way it is. It is me, it is who i am, and NO one can or should take that away from me.

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