My Housing Situation

I am very low on spoons. I slept all day till almost 6 PM.
I had several dreams that i was looking for one bedroom places on my Section 8 voucher, and all i could find were apartments with people either above, below, or beside me.
IRL i did try living in two apartments just like that, to try to get away from this neighborhood
—–this was in late ’93 and early ’94——-
——–it was all i could get on Section 8——
—–apartments with stairs right next to my unit, and walls as thin as tissue paper———
and the noise from my neighbors in both of those apartments, caused me even more BAD meltdowns, meltdowns that were every bit as bad as the ones i was having here due to the Mean Girls who lived next door to me here, who were bullying me at the time———the Mean Girls who i so desperately was trying to get away from——-
———–so each time i had to move————
———–right straight back to this awful neighborhood——— i had to come back here to this pit to live again amongst the Mean Girls.
I lived in those two apartments so briefly that it’s easier to just tell everyone i’ve only lived here for the past 24 years. Because i have, for the most part mostly lived here….i tried to make it at those two other apartments in late ’93 and early ’94—-but both were just like moving away from the frying pan into the fire.
I really wish those who build high-density housing, would build with the needs of the people in mind who are going to rent those kind of apartments. The walls need to be thick, with thick noise canceling insulation…..and don’t build the units where the damn stairs are right next to a person’s bedroom.
Because people don’t work well living right on top of one another!!!
Yes, i have blogged about this in the past.

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