NT’s And Reasonable Accomodation

The following is a rant i just posted on my Facebook wall. Because….NT’s need to read this.

Because….this is a thing. This is a real thing.

NT’s who don’t care, who don’t want to learn about my Autism, and who remain hell bent on doing what triggers me anyway, plus who refuse to grant what IS for me, a reasonable accomodation,…………………

as i hate, and have always hated harsh bright blinding light in my eyes, are what makes life hard if not impossible to live. This includes bright sunlight right in my eyes.

I did not feel that asking for my neighbor to either have her supposedly grown ass 23 year old daughter move her huge monolithic black shiny pickup to a different spot just for 2 1/2 to 3 hours each afternoon, so that the bright late winter sun won’t blind me at my computer………………..

or have her daughter, who does work, purchase a tarp to put over her pickup when it is parked there,—-so that the bright sun doesn’t come into my house—-is being unreasonable.

That bright sunlight from her parked “castle” keeps me from being able to use my computer.

Is that fair to me?

Yes…..it’s a public street. She has a right to park anywhere on the street.

However, being that i have alot of fears and sensory issues about having to change my actual inside environment so i can better cope with all the bullshit i have to cope with sensory wise outside….example, change my whole entire living room around when i am perfectly comfortable with it the way it is, and when my house is too small to just be able to change things—–especially when this someone knows and is aware——instead of them being nice and making one small accomodation for me so i can use my computer freely—–is downright cruel.

It would traumatize me to have to move my TV and computer to different spots. I cannot handle changes like an NT person can. Changes make me more prone to meltdowns because my world, my whole comfort zone, has just been upset. Me moving my living room around would be an undue hardship for me. Changes makes me disoriented and i shut down.

I don’t know why people want to keep insisting on not seeing and understanding Autistic and Neurodivergent people.


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