Guest Post: An Autistic Speaks About Food

Trigger warning for use of the “r” word, ableism, other disability slurs, ABA, compliance therapies, verbal and physical abuse, gaslighting.

Autistic Academic

(Note: I’m down with copious migraines, so expect my #AutisticsSpeakingDay contribution to be late.  Meanwhile, here is a guest post also suitable for the occasion.)

An Autistic Speaks About Food

by Marie King

“That’s BS. My mom made me eat things I hated, only to find out as an adult that those things were good for me!” Oh, gods. The internalized ableism.

The comment was part of a recent Facebook thread that linked to this post. (Scroll down to “Emotional Aftereffects Cannot be Separated From The Intervention.”)

ABA orthodoxy stresses that food-averse people with Autism MUST EAT IT, even at the expense of choking, gagging, crying, kicking and fighting. As an Autistic person who lived that experience every day, I’m here to say “fuck off.”

That 70s Kid

I grew up in the 70s before Autism was fully recognized as a spectrum condition, or fully recognized at all.  All…

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