Autcom 25: Human Rights for All?

I find it an utter shame that a conference which is supposed to be a safe space for Autistics, was not, because of board members who chose to play difficult, selfish, mean and downright cruel.

Flash photography can kill those who have certain types of epilepsy. Apparently, certain board members did not care.

This blog needs to be shared all over. Because, and i speak on behalf of myself and all of my Autistic Community friends, the abuse and gaslighting of Autistics needs to stop now!!

A Hell On Earth

At roughly 7:00 AM yesterday, I was standing in an upper floor hallway of the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire with Autcom President Emily Titon and my new friend Ivan.  We were at the Autism National Committee’s 25th Anniversary Conference, and Emily and Ivan were trying to get in touch with the other board members while I tagged along.  The previous day, one of the attendees had used a flash camera in the presence of well-known Autistic activist Kassiane Sibley (who writes the blog Radical Neurodivergence Speaking – you should read it).  Like 30% of the Autistic population, Kassiane is also epileptic, and for this reason, flash photography was to be strictly prohibited at the event. This was the first point on the rule sheet, and was also brought up during the opening remarks.  Apparently the person who used a flash had not been able to attend the opening…

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