Please Listen….

I am really sick and tired of Autistic/Disabled and elderly people being mind-fucked, gaslighted, taken advantage of, ignored, left to sit at home all the time, with no one to talk to, left to vegetate and rot…..i am so sick and tired of seeing us left to be just used, exploited, abused, neglected and forgotten by friends, by families, and our caregivers.

This needs to change. We are human beings.

This is for all of the caregivers who have mistreated me and stolen from me, robbed me of my smile, my joy, and my money and things. I am calling out the following caregivers

***”No-Call-No-Show Rochelle”,
***”Mistaken Milk Elisa”,
***”Putting My Milk On The Floor Alicia”,
***The old lady who refused to let me ride in the front seat of her car because she said i would break her front seat,
***Little Jessica who kept calling me a stupid ass, who told me she was going to leave me to dress myself after my bath, and who said i needed to take my Autism off and just act normal,
***KT who kept complaining about my meltdowns, then called in sick and left me with no one,
***Sherry who loved to yell at me, boss me around, scold me, and scream at me…..Sherry, who also took my food and made me pay for her food and her kids’ food, Sherry who also took gobs of gas money from me, and then yelled and screamed at em all the way to the bank one morning.
***JuJu who took gobs of money from me for her gas,,
***JuJu’s sister Jessica who did the same,
***Ciera, JuJu’s friend, who also did the same,
***KT again who once again started leaving early and then calling in sick again, to leave me to fend for myself
***Letty who talked to me in baby babble speak,

In addition……

***MB, my first temporary caregiver, who came when Connie was gone for a month and who required several of the long cans of beer, afternoon naps, and then who ended up stealing from me:
a nice bath towel
two of my seashells
peanut butter M&M’s
some of my white trash bags
some of my black trash bags
2 of my cans of Febreze air freshener
2 of my bottles of hand sanitizer
2 packs of Pledge All Purpose wipes
1 whole roll of my compression leggings which cost me, out of my own pocket, $125 cash.
***ARN, my second temporary caregiver, who was nice, and then abruptly quit, saying she needed to get three part time jobs that were going to pay her right away. When i had a serious meltdown, she got angry at me, instead of understanding. When i tried to tell her about how it affected me to have her essentially withdraw her friendship and support of me..she got even angrier, and went onto berate me….and then when i unfriended and blocked her, she wrote a horrible post about me and how i am a grown woman who acts like a child, how i require 5 Slurpees and candy everyday, and essentially said that i am not worth her time.

Also for my family members who have nothing to do with me because i make them too nervous..and they don’t understand or get me.

Also for my ex-friend G who ripped my heart and soul to literal pieces.

Also for HEJ and DB, who both promised to help me…..who both told me they had my back 110%, who both told me they were my friends and allies for life…and then they both turned against me too.

This is why i am no longer doing well either physically or emotionally anymore. I am writing this on behalf of all who are in my same boat. Because this needs to change. Because people need to start caring about us and helping us and stop misjudging us and then condemning us to the trash.


We are NOT trash. We are human beings. Who have likes, dislikes, dreams, and goals too. And we matter too. We too want to still be a part of our communities.

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