Why don’t you get treatment for that?

I posted an earlier article about this on my FB timeline. I am fearful of having to go to medical appointments, the ER, and the hospital, because i am Autistic, because of my lymphedema, and because i happen to be a large plus-size person. I have been scolded and fat-shamed, and treated as less-than. I don’t like the examination boxes they STILL have in so many doctor’s offices that are so narrow, and impossible for me to get up on. I don’t like the rude office workers in the front waiting room. I hate the clinic i have to go to. My own doctor has scolded me harshly in the past. And i have never been known to be able to take harsh blunt scoldings and harsh blunt criticisms!!

Silence Breaking Sound

Content note: Healthcare discrimination; involuntary treatment; general medical stuff.

The idea that someone is weak, irresponsible, or at fault for their own medical or other problems because they decide not to get medical treatment is a great big bucket of nope.  Here’s a number of valid reasons for why people might not seek treatment, and why not to shame people over it:

Lack of money.  Because at least in the U.S., medical treatment is still not free for the most part.  It’s not even necessarily affordable for a lot of reasons, including the cost of insurance premiums, high deductibles that often come with more affordable health care plans, lack of coverage for certain forms of treatment, and specialists who refuse to take (a particular type of) insurance.

Circumstances that make taking the time or effort to get medical treatment unfeasible, which often comes down to a lack of money.  This includes having a…

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