Things That Don’t Justify Concern Trolling

It is our bodies, our business!! Fat shaming, and unsolicited advice when i make a comment about a journalist who i happen to love watching fat shaming, is a definite NO-NO. Just don’t. Instead, read and follow Dances With Fat and get yourself educated, and your mind from closed to open, thank you.

Dances With Fat

Picture thanks to reader Morgan! Picture thanks to reader Morgan!

Yesterday I blogged about how it’s ok to be fat and to not try to be thin no matter what your situation.  Predictably, today I heard from people who want to concern troll fat people using a couple of very common, very ridiculous justifications:

The first is based on the suggestion that if the person “wants better” or “healthier” for someone (here “better” and “healthier typically means “thinner” but sometimes mean something else) then that person should definitely step in and start doling out advice whether it’s wanted or not.

Not so much.  What we want for other people is our business and has actually nothing to do with them. Other people’s health is not our business unless they ask us to make it their business. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks they can make psychic health predictions based on other people’s size, it doesn’t matter…

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