The Modern Epicure #AutismPositivity2015

Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog

By Alanna Rose Whitney

Epicureanism gets overlooked and it really is a shame.

The first thing that comes to mind might be, a website for recipes – and thus the idea of epicureanism as it parallels the indulgence of a gourmand. Or maybe it is something you associate with hedonism and bacchanalia. Or maybe it’s something you have never heard of before at all…


Image Description: Cropped close; the author’s mouth partially open with her hand wearing red nail polish holding a raspberry next to it.

The truth is that epicureanism is a lot more fundamental than that. It’s not some gluttonous, materialistic, irresponsible philosophy based in decadence and excess. Epicures do value pleasure as the most important thing in life but it is essential to understand that in this context, the word pleasure does not imply ecstasy but rather an absence of pain.

The basic tenets of…

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