Not on my wall… Boundaries and Entitlement

Yes, this, ALL of this!! This is why i’ve been culling my Facebook friends list. Because … lights greatly offend me!! They are there to say i have no voice and that i am wrong, less than. Get the blue lights away from me!!!

Thirty Days of Autism

Hey You - getoffofmywallLately I have seen some parents suggesting that their “Lighting it up Blue” is different – because they have their own kind of family meaning or tradition for it and do not associate it at all with Autism Speaks.

When these people hear that #LIUB is uncomfortable, and that it is considered disrespectful by many Autistic people and those who support them, they seem to defend their position by saying things like: ‘It is okay – we don’t all have to agree… we are still working toward the same goals and I am supporting my child.’

The thing is… this is a little different from being ‘not in agreement…’

For one thing this is blatantly disregarding the voices and perspectives of many, many Autistic people. In fact, not one of my Autistic friends is in favour of “Lighting it up Blue.”

Think about it… this dismissive disregard is…

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