The truth is out there, Autism Speaks – autistic adults exist!

The truth is out there…..Autistic adults do exist….i, Melissa Fields, am an Autistic adult, and i am 54 years old….and i am so alone and lonely because most of my family to this day still do not accept me or want anything to do with me, nor do they understand why i am online telling my story. They think i am just doing it to slam them, and that is far from the reason why i am telling my story. I am telling my story so once and for all, they will understand me, and why i have hurt so deeply all of my life because of how they taunted, teased, made fun of me, and excluded me all the time. Because the hurt today is stronger than ever, because my family still refuse to acknowledge me, and accept me and accept what they did to hurt me and kill my spirit. I only go on….because of the friends i DO have, my mom, my two nice sisters, and my faith.

Light It Up True

As Suzanne Wright recently reminded us, for Autism Speaks, autism is something that only affects children and their families. Autistic children are ‘missing’, ‘gravely ill’, ‘stolen’.

As a friend recently wrote:

On the entire [Autism Speaks] “Autism Acceptance” page, here are all the phrases that refer to autistic people:

– Mother with Two Sons on the Autism Spectrum
– one of her sons, Rubin, who is on the autism spectrum
– her son Max who has autism
– Youth with Autism
– young adults with autism
– individuals affected by autism
– individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
– children with autism
– students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
– children with autism…children with autism [twice in same paragraph]

The unwavering message of Autism Speaks is that there is no such thing as an autistic person—that there are only normal children who have been diseased with…

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