Autism Acceptance Month Events!

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

We’ve compiled a list of some alternatives to “Autism Awareness”.  These are events that center the Autistic experience and Autistic voices by promoting community, pride and the ideals of neurodiversity.  Check them out and if you are planning a similar event, please contact us at and we can add you to the list!

Online Events:


Don’t light it up blue, walk in red!

PWN the Game!

Help spread the message that autistic people have loving and reciprocal relationships with their families and raise funds for important support programs by participating in PWN the Game! with your autistic loved one(s)!

Tone it Down Taupe

A campaign to calm down the rhetoric of fear in April


Paula C Durbin-Westby’s Autism Acceptance Day 2015 Virtual Event

The official event for Autism Acceptance Day!

Autism & Neurodiversity in the Classroom: Advocay and Instruction’s Celebrates Autism Acceptance andNational Poetry Month!

Celebrating both…

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