Stimming Unpuzzled: Official Guidelines for Submissions

If i could not stim, i would not be able to get through each day.

The Unpuzzled Project

We hope you’ll join us for Stimming Unpuzzled, an initiative which will showcase the importance of stimming in Autistic people’s lives. We plan to celebrate, honor, and raise awareness about these forms of self-regulation, communication, and self-expression. As always, the Unpuzzled Project is opposed to the oppressive behavior-modification strategy of “quiet hands”; we want you to have “loud hands”–flap, tap, flick, twist, spin, dance, sing, and rock to your heart’s delight. No matter how you stim positively, it is your way of making sense of the world around you and the world within you. We believe you should not be judged for your innate way of stimming.

To participate in Stimming Unpuzzled, please email us with your submissions and any questions, at: Here are the official guidelines:

  • Writing: poetry, articles, blog posts, short quotes, personal stories, etc. are all acceptable. Check by email for any…

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