Because It Makes Us Feel Something

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Active Minds

If you Google a list of Asperger’s characteristics, chances are you’ll find one that reads something along the lines of “lack of empathy.” The twenty-page report that made my Asperger’s diagnosis official even included a mention of me allegedly lacking empathy based on the 1:1 observations from one six-hour testing session.  I’ve heard the whole “lack of empathy” thing innumerable times in my twenty-one years of existence.  Let me tell you this, based on my firsthand experience: that statement is absolute crap. It is NOT true.

I’m not sure what started the myth that people with Asperger’s lack empathy. Is it the Asperger’s face, seemingly eternally locked in one position? Is it the Asperger’s eyes, that find it too hard to make eye contact or that seemingly always stare off into space?  Is it the inability to read the social cues that come so naturally to neurotypicals? Some people…

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