aba – by sparrow rose jones

I reblogged this via Sparrow’s Unstrange Mind blog, but am blogging this again, because this is why i am against ABA all the way. I never had ABA as a child, at school, but most of my family did not accept me and did all they could to squelch me as a result. I grew up knowing from an early age that according to my family, i was wrong, damaged goods, not acceptable unless i acted a certain way….like..normal……and the damage that did to my whole well-being, sense of self, my whole personhood. Parents, please read this. Parents who hate your children because they are Autistic, read this. It will break your child to know you don’t love and accept them. Most of my family still ignore me today, and do not understand why i chose to tel my life story online. They think i did it to slam them. I did not. I did it because i needed to. I did it because of all of my friends in the Autistic community. To make people aware of our plight, our issues. That the abuse and hate and the ABA-ing of us needs to stop.

a diary of a mom

Ed note: I am so honored and grateful to be able to share what follows here. It was written by Sparrow Rose Jones, who calls herself as “a middle-aged Autistic adult.” She is an author, a composer, an artist, and a self-described polymath (which I had to look up and might now be my new favorite word.) 

When I read the following post on Sparrow’s blog, Unstrange Mind, I immediately added it as a permanent link in Diary’s blog roll. I then asked her if I could share it here in full. The topic at hand, ABA therapy, is a messy one. Its history is disastrous and its legacy often incredibly painful. Given the depth of emotion surrounding it, it can feel nearly impossible to navigate, and even more impossible (okay, I know that’s like infinity plus one, but go with it) to figure out what…

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