Five Days of Positive Things In My Life

On Facebook, for the past five days, i was nominated to write three positive things for each of those five days. I cannot sleep right now due to the warmer temperatures, so i thought what a good idea it would be to compile all that i wrote into a blog,…so i am going to do just that!! 🙂

Day One i wrote:

1) I love my nighttime here, because my street is normally quiet, and i can enjoy my TV, music, writing, and just relaxing.

2) Sunsets with beautiful clouds—i love to photograph them, especially when they are bright and colorful.

3) One good thing about summers in Coastal CA, is our mostly mild Mediterranean climate with the marine influence that mostly keeps the temps cool and mild.

On Day Two, i wrote these things down:

1) My sweet angel caregiver, Connie. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being here for me, and for caring for and taking good care of me the way she does.

2) The even more spectacular sunset from last night that i got to take pics of…yaaaay!!!!  

3) The nice iced teas with lots of ice and Hi-C fruit punch mixed in that Connie fixes for me to drink every day with my dinner!! 

On Day Three i wrote:

1) Peanut butter M&M’s, and chocolate chip cookies and most things chocolate!! 

2) I finally got my Medicaid forms filled out and mailed off. 

3) My mom and two nice sisters, Connie, my caregiver again, and all of my awesome Facebook Autistic community friends, and other FB friends. 


On Day Four, i couldn’t believe how fast these days were flying by, and was beginning to wish i could go on forever; i wrote these things:

1) There is always hope, even after the gravest of disappointments in life. Friends may let us down, but none of us is perfect, and all of us can and will make mistakes, misunderstand, and lash out and hurt others. Because we humans have our bad days, and have issues sometimes. When people hurt us, it is because they are hurt people themselves. Hurt people, hurt others. Though it may hurt us to lose those friends, i am learning to see that the true friends are the ones who will take the time to talk and work things out and still stick by us, even after the blow-up or misunderstanding. If they aren’t true friends, they will turn tail on us, and we just have to have our time of mourning, but then say good riddance, and strive to move on. Which is what i am striving to do. I know i will be okay, because my God has my back in all of this that has happened to me.

2) The cool indie rock alternative, New Wave, underground hip hop, etc., music i listen to, plus being able to discover new music.

3) Having a cool mother who, at age 85, is still in pretty darn good health. But i just so wish she still lived here near me.


Today, i wrote:

1) Yesterday i got to get all of my prescriptions from Walgreens. I also got three more pairs of the flip flops i wear, which gives me a total of six pairs in my collection. I now know i will make it through till next summer on flip flops. Being able to get errands done, makes me feel great. 


2) I had a very tasty green chile chicken enchilada dinner with rice and beans last night, and only had sour cream to go with the salsa and chips, but not on my enchiladas this time, like i normally do. I am cutting down on little things to help me to get my weight down more. And the enchiladas still tasted delicious without the heap of sour cream. 


3) I also got a nice small table fan for my bedroom, which is going to help me alot for when i have to go in my bedroom. My after-showers won’t be spent in a hot and stuffy bedroom anymore, which will make both me and my caregiver very very happy.  We both hate this hot weather that we’ve been having, but…..on the positive side, with this warm weather, we have been blessed with awesome sunrises and sunsets. 

Many of you may of seen people writing these on Facebook. I am glad i got nominated to do this, because unfortunately my life has had alot of dark times, hurts, disappointments and negatives in it, but when we really look and see, there are always those silver linings, those oasises of happy things that bring us joy and smiles on our faces, and warmth in our hearts. I write as a form of therapy, to help me to cope with those negatives that happen. But i wanted to write this too, because yes, all around us, are also those happy things too.

I love each and every one of you who are in my life so very much. I know that i vent alot on my wall, and i thank you all for listening and for being here for me.

I thank the kind friend who nominated me to do this also, because again, i very much needed to also see all the good i do have to be very thankful for that is in my life, and so much more that i didn’t write down. But will always try to do from now on. 


2 thoughts on “Five Days of Positive Things In My Life

  1. longchaps2

    Missy, I loved reading this. It brightened my day too. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses and be thankful for each day as it comes. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  2. melissaautisticfields Post author

    You are very welcome, Susan!! 🙂 I’m the same way…i tend to be far too focused on all of the negatives in my life, and don’t stop to think about the positives that are also in my life. it is so easy for any of us to do. We’re just human, ya know? 😉 I love reading your blogs also. 🙂 Please don’t stop writing, Susan!! 🙂 ❤ ❤


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