My Statement And Update

My statement and update:

The reason i am not blogging and posting as much as i used to, is that i no longer have the awful bad caregiver issues. My current caregiver is a sweet angel who takes excellent care of me, and she and i are going on four months now with no problems. My legs are getting slowly better too, as i am now taking Lasix. My hope is that i will get the money to move, and also to be able to go have the leg surgery too, when i lose enough weight. The other reason is that my street problems with the bullies does not happen as much either. It did Friday when the owner of the auto shop wasn’t there. And then that night, the appliance shop owner, for some odd reason, also decided to flare up too. But things ARE starting to be taken care of in my life. When i do post, i will still tag my closest friends though. I am not ignoring anyone, any of you, or ignoring my chats and groups either. I simply have not had as many huge problems lately.

The blogs i took off of my Facebook can be found on my WordPress account, here.

As for my GoFundMe page being for me to get money to take vacations? No. It is foe me to try to get money so i can make a move away from this street. Because it is still very noisy. The reason i mention my dreams and goals, is because those are my dreams and goals, and my dreams and goals are a huge part of me.

As for me friend policing anyone? That has not happened either. I do get scared of certain people, so i voice that concern. But i would never ever tell any of my friends they can’t be friends with someone just because i don’t like that person. I instead use the block feature so i won’t have to interact with the person who bothers me. Friend policing is a form of muzzling and oppression, and i always try my best to be fair with everyone. If i have made anyone feel as though they are being policed and oppressed, i apologize. I will try harder not to fall into those behaviors. Please remember, i am Autistic, and i am still learning and growing. I am merely here to tell my story, to have friends, and a solid support system of people who will never turn against me and turn their backs on me. And i am also here to educate, so this can become an Autistic-friendly world for us all.

Thank you.

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