To My Ex-Best Friend, R, I Am A Worthless Loser, Hiding Behind The Shadow Of My Autism!!!!

This post about the dark demise of my relationship and friendship with R was written on March 31, 2012…….

Everyone, i am posting this because…i have to let you know the gravity of my situation here. This kind of thing is part of my story..and now this has happened between me and R. In fact, this latest email that follows below, was just written to me by R, yesterday. I need your imput, please. I ned to know that i am okay..that i am not the loser he is painting me as…please. This really hurt me…as an adult on the autism spectrum, this man really made me feel like he cared, and then he turned against me like this. Do any of you on the autism spectrum go through this with people too? Right now, i do not feel i can trust again…this was a huge blow to me…i am shaken to my very foundation over this.


You just can not take ownership for anything! You always have to blame others, “Hiding behind the shadows of autism.” You go through life and blame others for your short comings. I can not tell you to go to hell because you are there. So, continue to suffer in the heat until you are willing to own your short comings. The world does not owe Melissa Ann Fields a living. Nobody owes you anything, nada, nothing at all.You reap what you sow, so live with it! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS MEAN AND NASTY. Think about it!!!! There is not a business on ******. that you have not HAD A PROBLEM with. Everyone of them you have fought with. Missy, sometimes you have to surrender to win.

I’m tired of you blaming me for your screw ups! Take an inventory of ALL the people who have come into your life and have fled to save their sanity from your insane behavior. You my have autism, but you suffer from something far deeper than a spectrum disorder. You have your so call facebook friends who will cosign your “BullShit” Oh poor Missy! Time to mature. You Grow or Go! 

Please do not put N*** in your class of misfits. He is taking medication and receiving counseling so he can live with his disorder. Untreated people like you, want to fight and melt down when you do not get your way. “Whaa Whaa Woe is me, oh poor me, pity pot pity pot poop on me! That gets so old, grow up and get a life you miserable humanbeing. What are you going to do when they are all gone? Who will support you then? who will you cling to then? Well, the time is coming…..very soon! Take heed to these words of truth!

I’d rather tell you the truth that hurts than lie to you just to comfort you! Life is not fair! If you want fair, then go to the Mid-State Fair.

So blame on buckaroo! Life to short to deal with you! 

So long,


Everyone….this is wrong!!!! I have not been able to get the help i have needed….i just want to go away now…far away…and never come back after this email….no, not away from any of you, or Facebook….but Santa Maria…..i need a way to get away from Santa Maria…..please tell me i am still okay, because i don’t feel so okay right now…..i feel like i have been actually assassinated by this mean, mean man!!!!! I cannot beleive he would ever turn on me this way!!!!

Because of him, i cannot any longer leave my house without my caregivers with me…i am terririfed as long as he is here..he was supposed to be gone yesterday, but my mom gave him an extension till April 5th….

All i can say…is at least he will be out of here within six days, hopefully earlier!!!!! 



I stopped driving and have not gotten back behind the wheel of a car since R turned against me……………


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