I Am Thankful

Another long night almost over…..and now here it is Weds. again……yeah, Hump Day!! 😀 And i appear to have writer’s cramp!! 😛 Truthfully, i am not having as many problems lately, as i have been having…..having a caregiver who truly cares and is easy to get along with really helps me alot!! I still very much intend to move when i get the money to do so…..because this street is still bad. But it feels good to know i now have in home support that i can rely on!! I truly now feel that had i of moved to Michigan now, i would have been thrown literally into a really bad, dark abyss, and may of even ended up dead. I still also plan to once again pursue possible surgery to remove the huge leg lump that is on my left inner thigh, because that is really making life hard for me. Because even if i don’t have a car now, if that tumor gets removed, i would be able to walk again, and i would love that. I would then start taking the busses alot. Maybe i would even tackle learning how to ride a bike. Something i have sadly never learned how to do. I thank God for all i do have though. I have good friends here on FB, my caregiver, my mom and two nice sisters, my eyesight, my intellect, the use of my arms, and i can walk short distances. I also have a roof over my head, and my basic needs provided for. Thank you, God!! 🙂 And thank you all, my friends and allies, for being here for me!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤   

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