Why The Pro-Abortion Camp Needs To Stop Using ‘In Case My Child Has a Disability’ as An Argument, and Why Curative Dialogue Doesn’t Help Either


It’s really just that it’s illogical and a moot point. If you’re saying abortion is okay because you might not be able to handle an intellectually or physically disabled child, then I’ve got something that might offend you in this blog, but it’s true: you might just not want to have kids. A cat, maybe. Possibly a dog. But kids aren’t for you. I am, yes, going to make that statement.

Hey, you can do what you want with your body. It’s yours. Not mine. I’m not enacting a law that states parents who aren’t gung ho ready for a child with spinal muscular atrophy or classic autism should be legally mandated to abort upon conception. Do what you want.

I’m just going to remind you that you can’t realistically prevent a disability. Aborting a fetus may make you feel good about your ability to parent the next in line…

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