Disability And Faith: Toward Ending Shame, Blame, and Human Judgment of Disability

Disability and Faith

Throughout my life, I have worn many labels.  Tomboy, daughter, writer, activist, transgendered, GLBT, disabled, mystic, niece, granddaughter, movie buff, spitfire, blogger, singer, medium (yes, I am a medium), New Yorker, cat lover, and a bunch of others.  I have at times attempted to drop some of these labels at any given point, but they all stick on some level.  There are some ways in which labels might hurt you, like when they are applied to you by other people and they don’t fit.  But accepting your identifiers is also a lifelong process where you may fit one category better than others at times, but always, someone somewhere remembers you as the things you were before.

Some labels are dangerous to try to forget about, like the pieces of you that make you you.  I’ve been making up stories in my head since I could think, and I started writing…

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