My Midnight Sun Fantasy

Dancing in the sweet gentle wind
as rainbows dance all around me
it is midnight, but the sun is still shining
as i dance by the Northern Seashore
in the sun’s golden light
no more do i worry
that mean men will bully me
as my electronic chill music plays
as the days get longer and longer
as we reach another Summer Solstice
in an hour i will be in my bedroom 
with my blackout curtains pulled tight
to sleep another eight hours
and then i will awaken to another evening and nighttime
with the sun as my golden companion
i celebrate the spring and summer in this place 
although it is a place i fantasize about
many a day i fantasize about this place
i feel i am there right now
in my own safe bubble
where no one who i don’t want to come in
can penetrate this safe cocoon
i long for this place everyday of my life
to flee once and for all 
from these mean men who bully and torment
the living daylights out of me
just because i am Autistic and i
have complained about their loud hot rodding
and mean rowdy behavior
but at least every night i can go to my fantasy place
that i call my Midnight Sun Fantasy 
and in the winter?

this place has nightly shows of
spectacular Northern Lights 
that shimmer and shine like ribbons of
bright green, purple, red, hot pink, and blue and yellow.
Yes, someday this place will be real to me
but for now it exists in my mind
and i can go there at night when the bullies are all gone.

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