More Insensitivity From My City’s Police

The following is an email i just wrote to the nice police commander i always call. Because my street is still full of loud hot rods right now as i type this. I am having an awful nightmare this Saturday night, and i want to roll up into a ball in the corner and just shrink….

My letter to the commander:

Saturday, May 03, 2014, current time: 10:30 PM

Dear K,

I apologize for bothering you. But all evening long tonight i have been having nothing but problems with loud hot rods all up and down my street…

1) A bright blue light Ford Ranger pickup coming back and forth revving his motor, and turning his bass up thunderously loud right as he gets in front of my house….doing this several times

2) A white Volkswagon convertible two door with black vinyl doing exact same thing

3) A beige SUV parking right across from me and blaring his bass and treble at me.

4) M has been, and is also still here at his shop, and has cars going in and out, and some of them are revving their motors.

I had my caregiver call to get me extra patrol for tonight when she left at 7:30 PM earlier this evening. When she was here, she too, noticed the bright blue Ford Ranger, and she has seen him do this on many other occasions also.

When things did not quiet down, i had my mother call, as i am still quite shy and afraid to talk to dispatch. 

At approximately 9:50 PM, i was abruptly startled by very loud pounding on my front door, and i opened it to find a very curt and unfriendly Officer Vela on my front porch. He did not say hello or even smile at me. He very bluntly asked me my name. Then went onto say, again in a very blunt tone of voice: “Well, i have gone up and down the street, and i don’t see anything happening,” I froze and could not tell him that yes i was still being bothered, because i sensed that he did not want to hear from me. he started to walk off, saying to me, curtly, with his back turned to me, “Okay, if you have anymore disturbances, call us.” I did ask him what his name was at that point so i could report this to you. Because he seemed to be yet another officer who was clearly annoyed to be here and i felt that he even acted disgusted by me.

This has me so upset now that i don’t think i can get through my evening, and now i am afraid to call even though a brown Toyota Camry, who i think belongs to my ex-caregiver who does not like me either, keeps coming through here back and forth with HER subwoofer bass up loud now!!

Can you please have a talk with Officer Vela? Even Officer Gar was nicer to me than Vela was!! 😦 Much nicer!! When am i going to ever feel safe calling my police department???? Seriously???? I am not a chronic complainer,i am genuinely having issues with people who are bullying the living daylights out of me, and now that they know i now live here alone with no one next door this is ramping up badly. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights clear till 4 in the morning!!

Again, i apologize for bothering you again…but i am very afraid tonight. And i am afraid because i know Officer Vela dislikes me too. Please train your officers how to be nice to us. I am Autistic….i’m not crazy!!

Thank you and God bless!!


Melissa Fields

I need help, please….my situation is getting so seriously bad…..i just called the police again, and asked this time that i not be contacted, that they just give me extra patrol.






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