Today’s And Tonight’s Incidents And Why I Need Help As Soon As Possible

Today’s date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 11:04 PM. As i now write this, all is now quiet, but i am still utterly afraid.

This afternoon, Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Adult Protective Services called me. Because they had concerns. Because someone had called them to say that i needed 24 hour care and needed to be placed into a managed care facility ASAP. I called them back and also had my caregiver talk to them, to let them know that although i do need more IHSS care hours, i do not yet need 24 hour care, and that my needs are now being met. My caregiver went onto tell the lady from APS that my past caregiver did not take care of me at all, and that she even extorted alot of money from me. (My caregiver stories are chronicled in a six part series, and you can see the if you scroll down on my notes section here on Facebook.) 

After talking to my caregiver, the lady said i am okay, that there is no more need for them to be concerned about me. She told me to follow up with my IHSS case worker.

Whew, what a relief. To know that i can still remain in my own home. For those of you new to my world, i am an Autistic adult who is still battling, trying my best, to get the help i need. And, i am living where i am being bullied on all sides, by mean men in an appliance store, and by mean men in an auto shop. I am trying to move from here.

The second incident, was tonight, again on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, when, at about 8:30 PM Pacific time, my time, the owner of the appliance store came barrelling onto the street, with his tires screeching and his music blaring. Of course this set me off. When he got out of his car to go in his tin building for the night, i yelled at him, that i didn’t appreciate the noise. That i was sick and tired of this, that i could tell he had screeched his tires and reved his motor, because i could smell it in the air. His response was to literally go crazy, and go off on me. He began to yell my name over and over, saying: “Melissa, hey, Melissa, i want to talk to you….” At first, i thought he was going to talk things out with me nicely, like two civil human being adults.


When i began to talk, he lost it, calling me a stream of profane names, “Hey you little fuckin’ beeeeeeeeeeetch,” and then he went onto babble “You fucking this, fucking that, i am sick and tired of being harassed by you, you fucking beeeeeeetch” all in such fast rapid speech that it was making my head spin. I kept trying to calm him down and reason with him, and he began to come right across the street, parrallel to my house, STILL yelling a stream of cuss words at me. I warned him to stop, or i would call the police. And….i did. At the same time, a lady, her teenage son, and their dog had stopped and were taking this whole scene in. They promised to stay with me until the police came. And they did.

The dispatcher i talked to? Her name was Laura. She was not at all nice to me. She was one of the ones who used to give me attitude before when we had the “Other” police chief, who allowed the police to all just blow my problems all off and treat me rudely. When i used to call, that was just how they would treat me, like i was a total “Less-than.” Which is one of the reasons i am now deathly afraid to call police dispatch anymore, so i have either my mom, or friends call for me. And she, Laura, was no different with me tonight. It didn’t seem to matter to her that i was dearly frightened, as the appliance store owner was still raging and yelling and cussing a solid stream at me, she still kept yelling at me to calm down. Then she goes: “Ohhhh, is this Me-liiiiiissssa Fiiiiiiieeeeelds?” In that familiar and derisive tone she always used with me before. I replied “yes.” She said that i needed to shut my door and stay inside, and the officer would be coming.

The officer did come. And he was an officer who i had dealt with before we got the nice new police cheif who wants the police to treat me with respect now. He, the officer that came in response to my call tonight, was actually nice to me. He talked to the appliance store owner, telling him to not have anymore contact with me. Then he addressed me, and i explainded that i am Autistic, and that this man harasses me alot. With loud noise, etc. The officer said he indeed did hear him banshee yelling at me as he was driving up. I told him that he likes to play his music sonically loud inside of his tin building too, so loudly that it vibrates my walls. He said for me to go inside, that he would be patrolling my street, and to call if there are anymore problems. Appliance store owner yelled then that “I love you, Meliiiiiisssssssaaaaaaa, maybe one of these days i will bring you a bahhhh~nahhhh~nahhhhhh, you fucking beeeeeeeetch!!”

He left. I went inside, and Mr. Appliance Store Owner flared right up again, with more of the same loud banshee yells, tauntings…..AAAAAAAAAAAAND,…………he then turned his music up LOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUD this time, it was louder than EVER, so i went to call back again. THIS time, Laura scolded me, saying there was nothing they could do about the loud banshee yelling, if he was doing it across the street, but i told her that he was blasting his music again, and she said “Oh, now he’s blasting his music too? ” as if to say i was LYING….i told her, that i did not like her implying i am a liar, and that this is the VERY reason why i have others call for me, instead of me calling, because they, the dispatchers, treat ME like i’m an idiot!! So, i am afraid to call them for just that reason!!! I am also afraid to see the appliance store pickup now. And any of the vehicles from the auto shop too. They all frighten me badly now. I see them as weapons of terror. Seriously. I am too frightened to get through my night tonight. My dad and brothers and mean sister all treated me this way. This makes me have flashbacks to my childhood. 

My entire exchanges with the appliance store owner, and the police happened between the hours of 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM, with my calls to Laura in Dispatch taking place about 8:30, and 8:50 PM, approximately. I also had my friend Emily, and my mother both call the police. My mom also got Laura, and said she was not nice to her either. Emily got a dispatcher named Tracy, who she says was also clueless. This all took place on the evening of Tuesday, April 22, 2014, when i was just trying to enjoy some YouTube videos.

Please share this blog. You all need to know what my life is like. I am not lying. I live in a neighborhood full of terrorists who seem to think it is pure joy to bully and torment the living daylights out of me and take what little i have to enjoy of my life away from me too. This is why i want to escape this whole city. Because i still don’t feel i am safe here. I still feel too afraid to call the police. Because of how Laura and Tracy both treated me, my mom, and my friend when we called. Because i feel utterly unwelcome here.

I am so very afraid tonight. You don’t know how afraid i am right now still. Because that raging monster is still across the street, and he is still awake with his lights on inside of that tin building. I so wish i had someone to talk to right now. I need help. I need to move as soon as i can. Please.

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