Things People Don’t Realize About Me

Things people don’t realize about me.
I am not a diva.
I do not enjoy yelling and having meltdowns.
I have feelings. And i am hurting.
I have a right to be depressed and to have bad days.
Just like everyone else does.
I have alot to be depressed and worried about.
I am a loyal friend, and i mean what i tell you.
If i had the money, i would buy you anything you needed.
If i had the money, i would do anything for you.
I do not lie.
I do not steal.
I do not cheat.
I really do mourn the loss of my independence.
It hurts when i can no longer do the things i need and want to do when
i need and want to do them. 
This makes me feel like i am a little child again.
It hurts when you laugh at me, mock me, and make fun of me.
It hurts when you won’t listen to me, and really listen.
I really do want to run away right now, because my life has become so 
unbelievably unbearable.
I am Autistic, and i cannot take that off, or hide it.
My Autism is ME. Till the day i die.
Everyone is always welcome in my home.
I mean NO harm to anyone.
I am not crazy, i am not a monster, and please
do not laugh at me but laugh with me.
I am generous with what i do have to give to you.
I am breaking beyond the strain of the worry and fear i have that i will
be stranded without care, without friends, without a way out of this trap i am in.
I am hurting more than anyone can know or realize.
But i am praying fervently
that i will be able to move soon.



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