For All Of You Who Have Given Up On Me

This is an open letter to all of you who have given up on me.

Please remember how much you loved and cared about me in the beginning.

Please remember that a real live beating heart beats inside of this soul.

that breaks into a million rivers of tears that won’t stop

when people walk away and throw me away in the trash like you just did

Please remember the person you walked away from….my kindness, my compassion,

my infectious laugh and giggle

how much i hoped, and longed, and yearned for the promises you held forth to me.

I had my heart so set on those dreams.

When you give up on an Autistic person

especially one who has already been hurt to her limit by people

you place even more huge rocks in our paths that should not be.

you slam shut the very flower we are still striving to become.

you take away our rivers of living joy.

you snuff out the light of the candle we hold in hope of the light that we know is there.

you leave us trapped in the very mire we are trying so hard to climb out of.

No matter what

the universal law of love is this

that love is unconditional

and love never gives up

it always hopes

it always believes in others

it is never rude, nor does it ever demand its own way

it is patient 

it is kind

and like the candle in my hand

the flame of love never dies out.

please stop bruising my broken reed.

I need dreams i can not only hope for

but dreams that can finally come true for me.

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